Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall and Winter Scents

Most people like to have different perfumes or scents for different seasons. I think you shouldn't change your scent more often than every season since it defines your personality.
Today I want to write about my two favourite scents for fall and winter this year:

Warm Vanilla Sugar and A Thousand Wishes, both from Bath and Body Works.

I think fresh scents like Daisy or Jasmine are better for hot summer days. For cold and dark winter days I would recommend sweet scents like these two. They just remind me of things like hot chocolate or Halloween candy which make the cold and dark days much better.

Warm Vanilla Sugar is great if you're looking for something that's quiet light and not complicated and let's be honest- who does not like the smell of vanilla?

A Thousand Wishes is a little heavier, but it smells amazing! Even the bottle reminds of sparkling winter decoration. This is one of the scents you should definitely try out next time you're at Bath and Body Works!

Keep smiling!

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