Monday, December 28, 2015

Tivoli Copenhagen

This weekend I've been at Tivoli in Copenhagen. It's an amusement park and definetely the best place to be at Christmas time! All the rides, gardens and little shops are decorated with thousands- ten thousands- of lights and baubles! To show you this magical place I've taken lots of photos. I was also lucky because of the weather since it didn't rain and it was cold as it should be in winter, but not too cold. Actually it was a pity that it didn't snow this year, because I can't even imagine how beautiful Tivoli must look with all that snow, but all the lights and music and the festive mood of the people made me forget that really quickly. Tivoli at Christmas time should be definetely on your bucket list!

I hope you liked the photos. What's your favourite place to be at Christmas time?
Keep Smiling!

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