Friday, October 7, 2016

Is Failure Really Okay?

I’ve failed. I’ve failed today. Actually I don't even know, because I haven't received an answer, but I’m pretty sure I did. I had a maths exam today and I failed. Before I talk about my failure, let me tell you how all this has happened.

When I was standing in front of class waiting for our teacher I was really nervous. This was going to be my first maths exam which is relevant for my graduation. On the other hand I knew I had studied and standing there I could remember everything I had learned, so why worry? Was there anything else I could have done besides studying everything our teacher told us until I was sure I knew everything? I thought not. When we got the papers, the tasks seemed similar to the ones I did at home, but then I spotted some I did not know how to do. We hadn't talked about them in class. So in the end I had many incomplete tasks left. The thought of having failed hasn't left me ever since.

I know that literally every person makes mistakes, but when I think of failing again and again to finally succeed I think of trying again and again. In this case I won’t get another chance to take this exam again to change my grade which will influence my final graduation grade, no matter what and there is no way I can graduate again. 

I tell you this because, like many people I’d like to tell you about how I failed, but not after I’ve succeeded. I want to tell you how I feel right now before taking the next step. When I get my exam back I’ll let you know with another post if I really did that bad and how I feel afterwards.

What bothers me most is that I could have done better IF I had known all the topics of the exam, since we hadn't had them all in class this year and normally an exam is about what you did learn or repeat before the exam. So the result doesn't actually show what I’m capable of doing, does it? Maybe it does and I should have studied more, more than I thought I needed. Well, I think failure might be okay if do it better next time. But it will leave its mark and influence my future. I’ll come to a deciding conclusion when I get my exam and my clear mind back again;) 

After all…

Keep Smiling!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Stationery Haul

I love love LOVE stationery. Planning and organizing might be important, but with great stationery it can even be so much fun! Since I've been shopping some calendars and notebooks I wanted to show them to you, so maybe you can get a little inspired the next time you go buy stationery.

First I have a calendar. It's not dated, so you can decide when you want to start planning without having to wait or even leaving out pages.This calendar offers you pages for a yearly plan, monthly plans, daily plans, projects and notes. You can see what the daily planners look like below:

Next I have  cute little notebook with a fish on it and it says "MEMORY OF SEVEN SECONDS".
That's funny and cute, because people say that fish only have a memory of a few seconds and you can write things down in this notebook in order to remember things instead of forgetting them like a fish. The paper inside is blank.

When I saw this one I immediately knew I had to buy it. Don't you want to dream and explore just by looking at it? Even though I love it so much I still haven't decided what to use it for... Any ideas? This is what the inside looks like by the way:

 This one, I thought, looks very extraordinary. It is actually, 'cause this one has brown paper:

Maybe I'll use this one for my drawings.

This is another simple notebook. So simple that it is a special one. Look at its back:

All notebooks and calendars are from Joytop and Yoofun. Did you like them as much as I do?

Keep Smiling!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Wear a Skater Skirt

I always preferred skirts over dresses. Even though I don't wear them as often as I wear pants I like to make fun combinations with them. The best thing about them is how skater skirts can look both casual and chic. This combination is rather a more casual one (and yes, I know thatches isn't a real skateboard, haha). I also have a more elegant style of wearing a skater skirt coming soon, so don't forget to check my future posts to see that one, too!

Let me know in the comments in what style you prefer to combine a skater skirt, I'd love to read your ideas.

Keep Smiling!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Alternative Colors For Your Fall Outfit

Hey guys!

It's time to put away your summer clothes away until next year and make fun combinations for fall! Here's one I made:

What I love about this outfit is that the colors don't look alike at all, but still match together so well. I chose grey pants and a grey pullover to make the purplish-pink and the greyish-blue of the bag pop out better.  This is the perfect fall outfit, since it's comfortable and warm, but the unusual colors cause it to look different than any other fall outfit with the classic fall colors like brown, dark green or mustard-yellow.

See you next time.
Keep Smiling!

Monday, September 5, 2016

What You Need For Back to School Season

It's Back-To-School season guys!
It's time to get motivated, set goals and work hard to reach them. Last year hasn't been a very good year for me, but this year I started living much more organized therefore I'm more motivated and this helps me to get more work done. The things I listed below might help you to stay organized AND motivated, too.

1. Get a planner
This is the very first thing to do when you are going back to school/work etc. Just imagine trying to make plans only to realize that you had other plans on that day... after you accepted that appointment! Plus buying a planner is so much fun! There are so many to choose from. I personally adore the ones with inspirational quotes.

2. Highlighters
Highlighting texts will make your life so much easier. You will quickly find what you were searching in a text. Trust me, it helps.

3. Folders
To save time it's best to have everything in it's place. Folders are important to get your paper stuff organized so you can find everything in it's folder without having to look under every single sheet of paper in your paper stack.

4. Water
Always stay hydrated. You stuff may be organized, but your mind needs to stay hydrated to be able to organize your day. You can also check my post on how to drink more water.

Happy Back-To-School!
Keep Smiling!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Nail Care Routine

Hey Guys!
Today I wanted to share my nail care routine with you. It's pretty simple actually, but it helps me to keep my nails presentable, since I manage to break at least one nail per week, haha.

1. Nail Hardener
Preventing my nails from breaking as good as I can is the first thing I want to do, so I apply nail hardener on my nails. You can find nail hardeners pretty much everywhere you can buy nail polish. It looks like a simple base coat when you apply it.

2. Nail Strengthener
The nail hardener I use is a strong and effective one, so I remove it after two days. After that I apply a nail strengthener. This, too, looks like a simple base coat and you can find it everywhere they sell nail care products.

3. Repairing Nail Oil
As I mentioned, my nail hardener is pretty strong and it makes my cuticles dry out sometimes. To moisturize them I use a repairing nail oil with argan oil. Oils like this are also good for your nails to look more healthy.

I hope you liked this little post about my nail care routine. If you want me to post more articles like this one let me know in the comments!

Keep Smiling!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting Rid of Dark Thoughts

Sometimes we don't feel happy. We keep thinking about things that bother us. We feel like we can't do certain things that would make us happy. But even if we get happy sometimes, we feel like, or, we know it won't last long. When someone asks us why we're sad, we can't give them a reason. We aren't in a bad mood. Still, we don't know what's this heavy thing in our chest that is pulling us down, making us literally feel our dark eye circles and telling us that being happy and content is cancelled for today.

How do we get rid of these dark thoughts?

First of all, I'd suggest you to try to get a little more organized in life. Why? Because you're going to stumble over your untidiness while trying to find motivation and get things done.

Secondly, it's important to have goals in life. I noticed this in school when I had a year when my grades weren't that important yet. I had no motivation at all to make any efforts to write nice and long texts and getting homework everyday was a torture. When finally the year in which all my grades were relevant arrived I started to participate in lessons as motivated as I never had. I had an aim now. To get grades as high as possible.

Last, but not least it's very important to appreciate every step you take. By this I mean that you shouldn't only be proud of yourself when you reach a goal. See all the effort you make even if you don't succeed. If you don't appreciate your effort, you make more space for dark thoughts.(You can also check my article on how to feel comfortable in your own skin to gain more self-confidence)

I hope these tips helped you a little on your way to get a clear mind. If you have any other tips on how to get rid of dark thoughts, feel free to share it in the comments.
Keep Smiling!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why the Urge to Compare Yourself to Others is Much Deeper Than You Think

One thing we know that makes us unhappy is comparing ourselves to others. It makes us unhappy, because, first of all, it creates an unrealistic expectation. The reason is that you only compare yourself to the person everybody sees, but not to the rest of the person's life that nobody else sees, but which is still there.

So comparing makes you unhappy for no reason. There are ways to overcome the urge to compare yourself to every other person you see and feel more comfortable in your own skin. Click here to read about how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

When we finally stop doing this, there's still something that makes us watch others and wonder how they do certain things. We want to copy them again. But why? We already know that we are happy with our outer appearance and we know that we have everything we need.Why do we still feel insecure with what you do?

I think comparing yourself to others does not end with what you look like or what you own. And even though there are lots of people who are confident with the way they look and who are not jealous of what others own, many of them still find themselves trying to copy others. But this time it's their actions and their behavior. Since these are things coming from the inside, people don't always see it as a comparison. But still, it makes you unhappy. Trying to act like someone else is like trying to fit in a dress that isn't your size; whether it doesn't fit you and looks bad or you wear it, but it's painful.

As you can stop the first type of comparing yourself to others, you can stop the second type which includes characteristics or behavior that come from the inside, too.

I think that many people feel the same way, but just don't know or understand why they still want to be like others. The urge to compare yourself to others can be much deeper thank we think, so we have to take time to overcome it completely and find inner peace.

Not comparing doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn from others' mistakes or find inspiration or motivation in other peoples' success. It's a good thing to watch and learn and it also can be very helpful to have good role models. But by watching them you should form your own shape and not try to fit in other's.

Did you ever catch yourself trying to compare yourself to others? What did you do to overcome this urge? I'd love to read your advice on that topic!

Keep smiling!

Monday, April 11, 2016

How to Relax

After a day full with work and a long, long to-do-list all you want to do is relax. But sometimes relaxing isn't that easy when you start to think about the next day which is going to be super exhausting as well. Here are some tips how not to think about the long to-do-list in your head, so you can finally relax...

1. Listen to Music
You've probably seen people put on their headphones so they wouldn't hear the conversations of others. Probably more than a thousand times. But this works for yourself, too. Whenever I don't want to listen to the voice in my head that tells me the things I still have to do, the work I still have to get done, I take my headphones and start listening to music. It's like filling your mind with music instead of your own thoughts.

2. Knitting
This may sound weird and kind of old-fashioned, but... it really works! I can't tell you why, but just sit down on your most comfortable sofa and start knitting. You'll notice how relaxing it actually is. Maybe it will take a little while until you really realize it, because you already forgot about worrying or thinking about anything;)
If you don't know how to knit there are lots of websites teaching it. It's actually really simple, I'm sure you'll learn it really quickly.

3. Talking to Friends
When you're stressed out you might not want to talk to anybody at all, but talking with your friends and telling each other your worries and thoughts might be really relaxing, because you start to realize that you're not alone. That your friends have worries and problems just as you do and knowing this can b really relaxing. Just try it out!

4. Reading
What? Reading? Yes, reading! I'm not telling you to choose the thickest and most complicated novel after you come back home after work. I recommend simply written novels which tell more or less realistic stories. Why? Because reading stories like these can have a similar effect like talking with your friends. When you read about other peoples' lives, you'll realize that you aren't alone. That there are other people who understand your problems and even write about it. Sometimes just knowing this makes you feel better and relax a little.

I hope these tips will help you when you struggle to relax. Let me know if you know other ways to easily relax, I'd love to hear them!
See you next week.

Keep Smiling!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Doing without Internet

I'm SUPER sorry I couldn't update my blog for the last two weeks. Unfortunately I didn't have internet access. I know, this sounds horrible and it really had disadvantages as you can see, but during that time wihtout internet access I noticed some important things I'd like to share with you.

First of all the situation was different than voluntarily passing a few days without internet. I didn't choose to do without it. But after all, I think that's what made it so effective.

Without having any opportunity to update my blog or check my messages or even post pictures on Instagram I didn't have to fight against the will to check my phone. I couldn't find excuses like "Only 5 minutes. Just to text back.". Don't we all turn these 5 minutes into 15 or even 30 minutes as soon as we hold our phone in our hands? Well, I said it a thousand times and I'm saying it again: I couldn't find any excuses, I didn't have internet acces, I could do nothing except phoning someone.

So, when I completely forgot about my phone ans the will to check it for new messages, I started doing other things I would normally do. I started with cleaning my room and after that I continued with other things that came into my mind. At the end of the day I suddenly realized how much I'd done that day. Every time I finished doing something I found something new to do and it went on and on like that. I didn't have to take breaks to check my phone what probably would've taken more than 5 minutes since the internet and social media are full of distractions that get you keep saying "One more minute." or "One last click.".

Another thing I realized was while phoning my friends we suddenly had much more things to talk about. Without being able to text for days we couldn't tell each other things we wanted to in short messages without keeping up a real conversation.

As you can see, the internet is taking much more time from us than we think. Next time you wonder where the time has gone, ask yourself how many minutes, hours you have spent checking your phone and got caught by the endless content of the internet and social media.

Of course there are many advantages of the internet, too. I'm not telling you that it's best to completely live wihtout internet. I just wanted to share this experince with you to make you aware of the time we spent with our phones that seems so little, but also distracts us from doing other things for which we might not find any time for.

I think it's a good idea to reduce that time and instead of checking your phone every 30 minutes you could reduce that time to 1 hour. And the next week you could try to only check your phone every 2 hours.

Have you every tried to reduce the time you spent with your phone? Or did you have to pass days without any internet access? I'd love to hear your experiences!

See you next week!

Keep smiling!

Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Start a Conversation

Socializing with people is important to develop yourself and live a happier life. But how can you get people to talk to you? Well, they might be asking themselves the same question, so the best way to socialize is to start a conversation.
 It may take courage to talk to someone for the first time. But the beginning is always the hardest part. If you follow these steps, you`ll find yourself in a conversation where you forget to worry about keeping it up, but talk and listen automatically.

1. Say Hello

If you sit down next to someone, don't forget to say something like "Hello" or "Hi", so your following conversation doesn't come too suprising. Also with a polite greeting you let the other person know that you're aware of their existence. Besides, it'll make it a loteasier for you to continue: Greeting will be your first goal on your way to start a conversation which isn't that hard to reach.

2. Ask Simple Questions

If the person you want to talk to is in your school ask him or her something about lessons:
"Hey, did you understand last Maths lesson...?"

Or something you could nearly ask anybody:
"Your shoes are really pretty. Where did you get them?"

After you ask questions like these the person is going to respond and then it's important to refer to that topic for a little while. Don't attack them with different topics.
 When you get an answer on where the person got her shoes from you could tell her about you searching for a bracelet for a long time and in which shops you've been looking for it. After you finish your sentence you can ask the person which shops she likes. See? The conversation has already started.

3. Listen!

After you asked the person a few question, he or she will probably get more comfortable talking to you and start to give longer answers and then you have to listen. Don't interrupt him and let him know that you're interested in what he's saying by reacting. Laugh. Nod. Keep eye contact.

4. Smile!

Smiling is very important. How can the person think that you want to talk to him if you aren't smiling at all. If you don't smile, it will look like you are forcing yourself to talk to them and they'll probably try to finish the conversation.

5. Keep It Simple

You don't need to try to carry your conversation on and on and on... If you don't respect the short answers of the person and ask them the same questions again and again or tell them about something which makes them look away and try to escape the conversation, then it's better to stop. A good conversation doesn't have to take hours. Also, you don't have to tell or ask them everything at once. Still having some stuff to talk about you are both interested in is great, because that's a reason to start another conversation with that person on another day. So when you feel like you talked long enough to greet them the next time you see each other and your conversation is coming to an end then tell them politely that you have to go and say goodbye.

I hope these steps helped you to get a little more comfortable starting conversations. Feel free to comment your own tips on starting conversations more easily.

Keep smiling!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Makeup Bag Essentials for Day and Night

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No matter if you prefer heavy or natural makeup, it's best to have a little makeup bag to take care of yourself and accent your natural beauty. Today I have two suggestions for makeup bag essentials for you. One for day and one for night, when your makeup is probably going to be slightly darker.

So, here are my most important makeup essentials for day:

Makeup Bag-Day

1. First of all, you need a makeup bag. It doesn't have to be big. Also, you have so many bags to choose from. Your favourite makeup brand is probably selling them, too.

2. BB-Cream is perfect for a better looking skin without heavy makeup.

3. Powder for oily skin.

4. Some lip balm for dry lips.

5. Mascara to accent your eyes.

6. You don't have to make a winged eyeliner everytime. Simple eyeliner is actually easy and quick.

7. Some hand cream. Everyone likes soft hands. Dry hands can hurt, too.

8. A brush. Don't forget your hair!

9. If you're in a rush, keeping your makeup simple with only red lipstick can save a woman's day!

10. Your favourite nail polish. Because why not?

Moving on to the makeup bag essentials for the night...

Makeup Bag-Night

As you can see, my makeup bag essentials for night are very similar to the day version. The only differences are that you could need a bronzer for very simple contouring and maybe foundation instead of a BB-Cream to glam up your night-makeup.

I hope these suggestions helped you to choose your makeup bag essentials? I'd love to read what your must-have makeup bag essentials are!

Keep smiling!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

20 Books to Read in 2016

 Still looking for books to read this year? There shouldn't be a month you spend without reading at least one book. Books aren't only great for your free time but they can teach you so much! Not everybody likes every book, so if you're a person who doesn't like reading mybe it's because you haven't found the right book genres... To help you get started I've made this list of 20 books to read in 2016. Some of these are books I really like or books I haven't read, but want to. Maybe you'll find one that sounds interesting to you or you haven't heard of before...

1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
2. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
3. The Selection by Kiera Cass
4. Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne
5. Legend by Marie Lu
6. Heart: (Cuore) An Italian Schoolboy's Journal by Edmondo de Amicis
7. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
8. Wonder by R.J.Palacio
9. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
10. Martin Eden by Jack London
11. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
12. Red Rising by Pierce Brown
13. All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin
14. Lord of the Flies by William Golding
15. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
16. The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel
17. The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine
18. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith
19. Miss Marple's Final Cases by Agatha Christie
20. Genesis by Lara Morgan

 Which books do you want to read in 2016?
Keep smiling!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Blushing into Spring

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Hey! Spring is just around the corner and it's fiinally time to clean your closet and your makeup table and get some new fresh stuff. When we think of spring we usually think of flowers and pastel colours. But how about a little change this year? Instead of pastel pink, mint green or light blue let's pick our spring makeup in blushed powder tones!

This eyeshadow palette called "The Blushed Nudes" by Maybelline is perfect to get started. I discovered this one when I was looking for nude eyeshadow that would look natural and I was immediately impressed by it's colours! There are so many different colours which you can use for a very light natural makeup or even at night when you want your makeup to be slightly darker. This eyeshadow palette inspired me to choose blushed or powder-like colours this spring instead of the usual pastel colours.

Look at this "blushed" nail polish! Look at this colour and how it reminds you of powder and everything nice and elegant! This one is from Manhatten, but I'm sure you can find similar colours from different brands. Depending on your skin colour you can choose lighter or darker tones of this pinkish-nude colour. You decide which one looks best on your nails and which one you like the most.

I love love LOVE the "Lash Sensational" mascara from Maybelline. It makes your lashes look really long and dark without making them look like spikes or broken grass. And look how the colour of the bottle matches our "Blushing into Spring" theme!

I hope this post helped you to get inspired for your spring fashion this year!
Keep Smiling!