Monday, February 22, 2016

How to Drink More Water

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We all know how important it is to drink water. But nevertheless most of us struggle with drinking enough. Sometimes we forget and other times we just aren't thirsty, right? I'm going to tell you a few tips that will hopefully help you to drink more water for a healthier life!

1. Make a Plan

Procrastinating is one of the main reasons we don't get to do things we should or want. It's terrible! I bet you're doing this, too when it comes to drinking water. When you tell yourself that you'll drink your third glass of water later, in the evening than you probably reduce the glasses of water you drink during the day, because in the evening you probably won't be able to drink more than two or three glasses anyway, but if you had drunk that one glass in the afternoon plus the two glasses in the evening you'd have drunk three glasses in total instead of two.
So my tip is to make a schedule when you want to drink water. If you got a real schedule you'll probably take it more serious. Try not to allow yourself to procrastinate.

2. Are You Really Hungry?

When you're feeling hungry, try to drink a glass of water before you really eat something. Most people aren't even hungry when they think they are. They're just thirsty. With this method you can also avoid unnecessary snacks.

3. Is You Glass Empty?

Don't refill your glass before it's empty. Because if it's not empty yet, then you'll refill less but it will still feel like you have drunk another entire glass of water. But you haven't.

4. Replace You Soda!

I know this sounds hard, but you'll get used to it. Try to replace drinks like soda, coke or similar by water.

5. Find Your Favourite Water

Yes, water can taste differently. Try to find water that you really like. Once you've tried a few brands you'll notice that some don't even taste that bad. You might actually like drinking water.

I hope this article helped you to start a healthier life! Drinking more water will make you happier, stronger and is good for you skin and hair, too! This is another step to feeling comfortable in your own skin. By the way, I have a whole article about the topic "How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin". Click Here to see it.
See you next Monday!

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