Monday, February 29, 2016

Red Queen Book Review

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Fearful of Mare’s potential, the Silvers hide her in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess, now engaged to a Silver prince.

This part may not seem original- An ordinary girl who discovers that she's not-so-ordinary and gets to play a royal princess.- But yet it was the part of the summary which made me think ''I need to read this book!" 

Just imagine the things that could happen if your world is devided by blood and to hide your identity you have to survive without showing your blood which means without getting any scars in a world where people fight with deadly powers...

I think Victoria Aveyard did a good job when writing Mare's struggles to keep her secret. Her journey is exciting, but also logical and you really begin to wonder if she's going to get caught or survive the entire book without anyone seeing her red blood.

I also liked the beginning and the way you slowly got introduced to the main plot. As it says in the summary, it all starts with Mare trying to help her friend and she has absolutely no idea where her actions are leading her to. The first appearence of Cal was good written, too and I was glad that she wasn't engaged to him which would have been... you know, the classic stuff...

My favourite character is still Julian and I hope he'll come back in the second book. Even if he's not a main character, Red Queen wouldn't be Red Queen without Julian. I liked that he helped Mare when she barely could trust anyone(or the readers could barely trust anyone, haha), but still was himself. You know what I mean? He didn't turn into a friend who would do anything to help Mare and whose personality changed in a way nobody would expect, but he always did what he could while stying the Julian he was.

All in all I think it was a good book definetely worth reading which is very well written and introducing you to characters with unique personalities. Also you'll get enough plot twists which don't just pop up, but are logical due to back stories and so on...

But there's one thing I can't take as it is...

Throughout the book Maven keeps saying that he's been the shadow of the flame(because his brother was going to be king). Then in the end Mare says that the shadow has defeated the flame(or something similiar I can't remember...)


Flames do not have a shadow!

Do they? I think not. How are they supposed to have a shadow? 
Well, this was the only thing which actually bothered me.

See you next Monday! Keep smiling!

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