Monday, March 14, 2016

Makeup Bag Essentials for Day and Night

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No matter if you prefer heavy or natural makeup, it's best to have a little makeup bag to take care of yourself and accent your natural beauty. Today I have two suggestions for makeup bag essentials for you. One for day and one for night, when your makeup is probably going to be slightly darker.

So, here are my most important makeup essentials for day:

Makeup Bag-Day

1. First of all, you need a makeup bag. It doesn't have to be big. Also, you have so many bags to choose from. Your favourite makeup brand is probably selling them, too.

2. BB-Cream is perfect for a better looking skin without heavy makeup.

3. Powder for oily skin.

4. Some lip balm for dry lips.

5. Mascara to accent your eyes.

6. You don't have to make a winged eyeliner everytime. Simple eyeliner is actually easy and quick.

7. Some hand cream. Everyone likes soft hands. Dry hands can hurt, too.

8. A brush. Don't forget your hair!

9. If you're in a rush, keeping your makeup simple with only red lipstick can save a woman's day!

10. Your favourite nail polish. Because why not?

Moving on to the makeup bag essentials for the night...

Makeup Bag-Night

As you can see, my makeup bag essentials for night are very similar to the day version. The only differences are that you could need a bronzer for very simple contouring and maybe foundation instead of a BB-Cream to glam up your night-makeup.

I hope these suggestions helped you to choose your makeup bag essentials? I'd love to read what your must-have makeup bag essentials are!

Keep smiling!