Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why the Urge to Compare Yourself to Others is Much Deeper Than You Think

One thing we know that makes us unhappy is comparing ourselves to others. It makes us unhappy, because, first of all, it creates an unrealistic expectation. The reason is that you only compare yourself to the person everybody sees, but not to the rest of the person's life that nobody else sees, but which is still there.

So comparing makes you unhappy for no reason. There are ways to overcome the urge to compare yourself to every other person you see and feel more comfortable in your own skin. Click here to read about how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

When we finally stop doing this, there's still something that makes us watch others and wonder how they do certain things. We want to copy them again. But why? We already know that we are happy with our outer appearance and we know that we have everything we need.Why do we still feel insecure with what you do?

I think comparing yourself to others does not end with what you look like or what you own. And even though there are lots of people who are confident with the way they look and who are not jealous of what others own, many of them still find themselves trying to copy others. But this time it's their actions and their behavior. Since these are things coming from the inside, people don't always see it as a comparison. But still, it makes you unhappy. Trying to act like someone else is like trying to fit in a dress that isn't your size; whether it doesn't fit you and looks bad or you wear it, but it's painful.

As you can stop the first type of comparing yourself to others, you can stop the second type which includes characteristics or behavior that come from the inside, too.

I think that many people feel the same way, but just don't know or understand why they still want to be like others. The urge to compare yourself to others can be much deeper thank we think, so we have to take time to overcome it completely and find inner peace.

Not comparing doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn from others' mistakes or find inspiration or motivation in other peoples' success. It's a good thing to watch and learn and it also can be very helpful to have good role models. But by watching them you should form your own shape and not try to fit in other's.

Did you ever catch yourself trying to compare yourself to others? What did you do to overcome this urge? I'd love to read your advice on that topic!

Keep smiling!

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