Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Nail Care Routine

Hey Guys!
Today I wanted to share my nail care routine with you. It's pretty simple actually, but it helps me to keep my nails presentable, since I manage to break at least one nail per week, haha.

1. Nail Hardener
Preventing my nails from breaking as good as I can is the first thing I want to do, so I apply nail hardener on my nails. You can find nail hardeners pretty much everywhere you can buy nail polish. It looks like a simple base coat when you apply it.

2. Nail Strengthener
The nail hardener I use is a strong and effective one, so I remove it after two days. After that I apply a nail strengthener. This, too, looks like a simple base coat and you can find it everywhere they sell nail care products.

3. Repairing Nail Oil
As I mentioned, my nail hardener is pretty strong and it makes my cuticles dry out sometimes. To moisturize them I use a repairing nail oil with argan oil. Oils like this are also good for your nails to look more healthy.

I hope you liked this little post about my nail care routine. If you want me to post more articles like this one let me know in the comments!

Keep Smiling!

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