Monday, October 3, 2016

Stationery Haul

I love love LOVE stationery. Planning and organizing might be important, but with great stationery it can even be so much fun! Since I've been shopping some calendars and notebooks I wanted to show them to you, so maybe you can get a little inspired the next time you go buy stationery.

First I have a calendar. It's not dated, so you can decide when you want to start planning without having to wait or even leaving out pages.This calendar offers you pages for a yearly plan, monthly plans, daily plans, projects and notes. You can see what the daily planners look like below:

Next I have  cute little notebook with a fish on it and it says "MEMORY OF SEVEN SECONDS".
That's funny and cute, because people say that fish only have a memory of a few seconds and you can write things down in this notebook in order to remember things instead of forgetting them like a fish. The paper inside is blank.

When I saw this one I immediately knew I had to buy it. Don't you want to dream and explore just by looking at it? Even though I love it so much I still haven't decided what to use it for... Any ideas? This is what the inside looks like by the way:

 This one, I thought, looks very extraordinary. It is actually, 'cause this one has brown paper:

Maybe I'll use this one for my drawings.

This is another simple notebook. So simple that it is a special one. Look at its back:

All notebooks and calendars are from Joytop and Yoofun. Did you like them as much as I do?

Keep Smiling!

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